When we first began our journey we were but children in the eyes of beer. We knew not of the splendor and magic of the hops and the malt. We were not versed in the art of beer tasting.

We still aren’t.

We are just two guys who love beer. We used to buy beer because of cool labels (you know you’ve done it too) or because it was more expensive than Natty Light. And maybe once because we wanted to impress that cute girl in English class. But over time we have come to find out what kinds of beers we DO like and what beers we definitely DON’T like.

Its our hope that you can use this website to find your taste. So you don’t have to spend way too much on beers you don’t like. So you CAN maybe try something new. So you too can love beer like we do and not be completely lost in the descriptions.

So check it out, read our thoughts and then join the fun! Send us your reviews, your home brews and your thoughts; it will make its way up here eventually!

Will and Dan


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