Abita Amber

Smell: Imagine you are sitting in a field full of yellow flowers rubbing butter on your face…Weird we know, but that’s what Abita Amber smells like.

Taste: Don’t eat the butter though, because that’s not how it tastes. It tastes more like those nuts you buy at the mall soaked in beer…so almondy and beery (scientific).

Look: And it looks like… oh hell, look at the damn picture we included. (Thanks Abita)

Where we would drink it: If we were TA’s grading papers. Or if we were in a coffee shop. Or if we lived in the Bayou, sitting on our front porch, reading a novel.

Style: Vienna

Cost: $7.64

Overall Rating: 3.15/5.0

Will = 3.1/5.0    Dan = 3.2/5.0

Classy = 3.5/5.0

Manly = 3/5.0

CPS = 3.4/5.0  – Only available in a few places, but is not too expensive. Alcohol % of 4.5 is exactly average.


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