Monty Python Holy Grail Ale

Well it might not be the holy grail of all beer, but it’s not bad either. We’d take it along on a worthy quest (or conquest).

Taste: Hoppy and moderately dry, like english humor. A hit of nut or mint, or both?Tastes very clean and proper in our opinion.

Look: Medieval… it comes in a goblet. The beer itself is amber in color with a thick head (typical trait of those on quests for holy grails).

Smell: Hoppy and nutty and as if it was tempered over burning witches… which it does say it was on the bottle.

Manliness: 4.5 – Questing is always a manly thing to do! Swords and swash buckling and coconuts clopping! Holy Hand Grenades, how could it not be high on the manly scale!

Where we would drink it: When trying to pick up a conquest at the bar, its a good conversation starter. Or watching a movie. About quests. Or on a quest. Or when requesting something from a maiden.

Overall Rating: 4.0

Dan: 4.3        Will: 3.4

CPS: 3.5 – It’s a great one for conversation starters, but it’s not something you would want to do every weekend (that would get old) or sacrifice to flip-cup.

But the better question is, can a 5 oz european swallow carry a 12 oz beer across the atlantic? Supposing there were two swallows? Have a couple of swallows of Holy Grail Pale Ale, and contemplate that one!


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