Honey Raspberry Ale

Taste: Dissolve a raspberry chocolate bar in a honey wheat beer and you have the Spanish Peaks Raspberry Ale.

Look: This beer has a small head (the white foamy part) and is syrupy in color

Smell: A muted fruity (surprise) smell.

Taste: It’s darker in taste than you are first expecting, with a chocolatey after taste.

Manliness: ? –  We generally find this beer confusing. It’s fruity, which makes it kinda girly, but dark at the same time, which makes it more manly. Plus, girls love chocolate, but real men eat chocolate too. So, we can’t really give it a manliness rating, because we feel like it’s still trying to figure out its own sexual orientation.

Where we would drink: On a Spanish Peak (duh!) or on a spring ski trip in the Rocky Mountains.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5.0

Will: 1.9/5.0   Dan: 2.4/5.0

CPS: 2.0/5.0 – While this beer registers a little higher on the alcohol % than average, it’s confused gender gives us pause. Would you look like a douche drinking this? Yeah, probably. Plus, it has pink labels.


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