Boulevard Brewing Co, Sixth Glass Quadrupel

Look: Large head. Dark carbonated honey color

Smell: Dark fruit, and light hops with a yeast smell. But not the kind of yeast YOU’RE thinking about. Ya sicko. Jeez.

Taste: Fruity…we think? Flavored with a smokey, mesquite honey grape. Like if you had a grape, and you covered it in honey and smoked it in mesquite sauce in the smoke house and ended with a jerky type fruit thing…called a raisin.

Where would drink it: Listening to classy music, doing classy things, it’s a classy hipster beer.

Overall: 3.75/5.0

Will: 3.8/5.0             Dan:3.7/5.0

Classiness: 4.5/5.0 This beer tries really hard to be fancy. If we were rich and we were going to serve beer we’d serve this because of the label, the taste, and the fanciness.

Manliness: 3.0/5.0 Its got a devil on the label which is sweet but its delicious and fruity, which is not so manly

College Practicality: 2.3/5.0 It’s from a micro-brewery and its expensive. It’s NOT a party beer! You’re girlfriend would really like it though….


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