Beer Reviews. We Just Don’t Get Them.

As the two fine young gentlemen behind College Beer Reviews got to the age where they could start purchasing beer, they encountered a problem.

They knew literally nothing about beer.

And fancy reviews about the subtle flavors, the amount of hops and so and so forth, were of little help.

So they did what we all do when this happens to us and they bought beers that either had cool labels or that seemed popular among others. Which generally resulted in lots of money spent and ownership of some good, some okay and some really bad beer.

So to help you out, we bring to you a rating system that is much more practical than fancy names and subtle flavors.

We review beers on a few things:

Our Overall ratings: What we think! If the beer tastes like your grandma’s underwear¬† we will tell you it tastes like your grandma’s underwear. If it tastes more amazing than a win by your favorite team on a cool September afternoon, we will tell you that too.

Manly Scale: Boom. Man stuff. When you go camping with your bros and grill steaks over an open fire while riding dragons and watching nascar. How manly is this beer?

Classy Scale: This is the girl version of the manly scale. Classy girls drink classy beers. Consider it the newest accessory. We are here to help you find which beers those are. And if class just isn’t for you, this scale will tell you which beers go around faster than the latest campus STD.

CPS: College Practicality Scale. We rate this on how much it costs against the taste, the availability and the overall ratings. College students have limited budgets and reputations to protect.¬† With this you can figure out if you want to drink it here or there, if you can afford it, and if it’s even worth a second look!

Where we would drink it: Not so much a scale, but more of a guide. So you don’t go buy that delicious $14 beer that should have been saved for the anniversary but instead you take it to the frat party to play pong and half of it ends up getting stolen (been there done that right?)

So, before you go buy that next pack of Natty Lite, check with us first and make sure it’s really what you want!